Commercial Corporate Video Documentary

Cosa faccio – Commercial Corporate Video Documentary

Dubbing Commercial Corporate Video Documentary Explainer and E-learning Video, Phone Prompt, Audio Jingle, Station, Liner for Radio. And yet radio programs and podcast of any kind.

If I just could say in one sentence what I do on my job I would say: “I communicate!” Though my voice I animate and give a form to your words, ideas, projects, being a perfect trait d’union among them and your listeners and potential customers. Every day I sit on my recording studio and, after studying your script, I decide the style, the colors and the right little emotions to let you reach your public.

I give you my voice for any audio video need! Listen to my demo e  ask me a quote now.

Ultra Rapid Delivery in 24h

I work and deliver in .MP3 at 320Kbps or .WAV 44100 (or 48000 for video) Mono, in a very fast and professional way 7 days a week, via WeTransfer or Dropbox. You can direct me and listen to me via Skype, mobile phone and SourceConnect Now

Voice Over Mixed with Music

Your radio commercial also with music and sounds, with royalty free musics for any kind of project.

Corporate Video
Radio and Phone Prompt

The recording studio

To do my job I work with the best audio gear, both hardware and software. The studio is a professional vocal booth, for an incredible sound caption with no disturb of noises or reverb. The microphone, the best one: my Neumann U87Ai, the most used in dubbing, broadcast and audio/video production studios. As preamp and channel strip I have my Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo. It allows me to run inside the audio-card plug-ins emulations of the most powerful hardware processor and channel strip as Lexicon, LA Teletronix, API, Neve. I also own the Waves Diamond bundle and iZootop. I record on Adobe Audition and Reaper.

“ Non c’è meno eloquenza nel tono della voce, negli occhi e nell’atteggiamento che nella scelta delle parole.”

-François de La Rochefoucauld